Slotfix is an application to manage appointments and billing for a variety of businesses like medical clinics, hospitals, salons and spas etc.

You can book appointments for your customers, automatically send them SMS reminders, process bills and manage waiting area. It is a web based software and requires only an internet connection to work. It works on mobile too. Its a complete package to manage your front desk.


PoS and Billing

SMS reminders

Waiting area display


Highly configurable


Using a pen and diary to take down appointment is cumbersome, error prone and kills your valuable time. Online appointment scheduling is allowing individuals, businesses and organizations around the world to improve staff efficiency, introduce transparency and win more customers. Future proof your business and delight your customers today!


Slotfix is an integrated appointment scheduling and billing management system.

Your customers can book an appointment with you either through the internet or your staff can record an appointment.

Slotfix can send SMS reminders to your customers, alert you about your upcoming appointments and lets your staff manage the bookings through a real-time dashboard.

For whom?

Slotfix is suitable for a range of businesses, from single person practices to medium and large size businesses and organizations. If you business depends on your customers making a booking, you can use Slotfix:

  • Doctors, Dentists and diagnostic centers
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Coaching centers, Tutors
  • Schools and Universities
  • Salon and Spa
  • Fitness centers, Gym and Yoga classes
  • Sports clubs
  • Personal fitness trainers
  • Photographers and studios


Transitioning to Slotfix is straight forward. We will help you import data from your current paper based or any other system. You can then configure Slotfix and get started almost immediately.

We have our support staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week in case you need any help.

Sign Up and you will be on your way.

Greater transparency

As a business owner you will be able to monitor how many customers are approaching you and how many bookings you are making. Slotfix is highly secure, allows full oversight and gives you a system which prevents theft of revenue.

Save Money

By using Slotfix, you save on engaging your staff to manage and take down appointments for your business. It pays for itself and in fact it saves you money.

Own your data

Slotfix is in the business of providing the software. Your data is yours. We do not sell leads or data.

No installation

Slotfix is web-based so you don't need to install anything. Just a computer or even your mobile phone is sufficient to use it.


With our service-based model, there is no upfront cost. You pay in easy monthly subscriptions with no long term contracts. If you are not happy, you can just cancel anytime.

Automatic reminders

You can configure automatic reminders for your customer which will be send by email or SMS. Minimize no-shows.

Real time view of your bookings

From Slotfix dashboard you and your staff can always get the up-to-the-second view of your appointments. You can view, update, cancel and re-schedule a booking and do much more.

Insights into your customers

Want to find out how many new customers you got last month? Or, how often do you get repeat visits? Slotfix will tell you in an instant.

Without doing anything extra Slotfix will build a customer database for you. You will have records of all your customers, number of visits by them, money spent and services used. All in one central place.

We provide a large library of reports using which you can gain valuable insights into your customer behaviour and grow your business.

You can even send email newsletters and special offers to your customers directly from within Slotfix.

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