Customers can book appointments online

Your site or blog

Easily add a "Book an appointment" button to your site or blog and allow your customers to book with you.

Online booking popup

Online booking step 1

Click the button to open the booking popup. Customers can book an appointment in 4 to 6 steps. You can customize the process as per your requirements.

Select service and resource

Online booking step 1

select the service, the resource and then click next.

Select day and time

step 2 - select day

step 2 - select time

Fill personal details

step 3 - personal details


step 4 - confirm details

Booking done

step 5 - done

Once booking is done, it is visible in the inbox for the front desk staff.

Online booking also works on mobile. See here for details.

Once an appointment is booked, the customer receives an SMS notification with the booking details. It is possible to configure SMS alerts for new bookings for front desk staff and the manager.