Central dashboard for Managing Appointments

Appointment Dashboard

After logging into the system, front desk staff see the appointment and billing dashboard. This is the central dashboard of Slotfix from where you can manage all walk-in & online appointments as well as process billings.

If your business uses an appointment book, you will find Slotfix is just right for you. It will help you maintain your complete booking calendar. You can easily check your incoming appointments, manage existing appointments, or create new appointments.

Integrated billing

Billing is integrated so you can use one common system to manage everything. You can also add items and services to the Point-of-Sale list.

Multi-level permissions

Slotfix is built for businesses. You can control visibility through permissions and branch-based access control.

Multi-location support

You can easily oversee all the bookings as they are made and serviced in your different branches.

Remind, follow-up

Slotfix has flexible reminder system which can send reminder SMS to both customers and your staff. Also, easily set up follow up appointment reminders so your customers don't forget their next appointment.