Automatic customers database

Administration - Customers

Slotfix automatically builds a customers database for your business. Any time you want to run a promotion or a marketing campaign, this database makes it easy for you to reach out to your customers.

Allow customers to book online

Easily add a Book an Appointment button to your website, email or your Facebook page and allow your customers to book with you. No login or password required.

Online booking

Taking bookings over phone

Your front desk staff can record appointments in Slotfix when your customers call.

Easy booking, more bookings

You can let your customers book over internet and phone and send them reminders for appointments. It minimizes the effort for making a booking with you and allows them to make an appointment any time of the day, any day. Your appointments keep coming even while your business is closed.

Automatic reminders

Slotfix will automatically send your customers SMS reminders. You can even customize how many and how often the reminders should be sent.

Easily reschedule, cancel or re-book

If you want, you can let your customers shift or cancel the appointment. You will get an immediate notification. Of course, they can also book with you again.

Customer experience is branded your way

Slotfix powers your appointment scheduling but stays out of the way of your business and your customers.